monique-poirierMonique Poirier

Rich in experience of her 20 years in the field of travel and public service as well as business woman, Monique Poirier, understands very well the needs of her clientele which have been coming back for close to fifteen years.

After several ascents of the highest mountains of the world, new challenges are always ringing at my door!

In 1999, my thirst for creativity challenged me to acquire this old neo-gothitque style house built in 1892 that i began to convert into an auberge of prestige in the heart of Magog. It didn’t take too long to win the hearts of a faithful clientele whom have been coming back year after year to experience comfort and benefit from the services offered. My love for old furniture, beautiful china and silver will transport you into the history of the residence. Having travled around the world, to meet the differences of its people, I will share with you during your visit my passion for travel, music, healthy eating, and my attraction for endurance sports.

Unifying, communicator and visionary, I have surrounded myself with excellent partners in tourism and have earned my place in the tourist industry, winning awards regional and provincial. For many years I have taken to heart, the development and marketing of partnerships and my social implication in the region.

After engaging myself in formations as: reiki, meditation, yoga in INDIA, professional coach, dream analyzing to name a few, it was in 2009 that I engaged in a long return to study for 3 years to become a psychological relation therapist. Concerned about my own personal development, my desire to create personal development workshops, and continue as a specialist in human relations propels me at all levels. You will appreciate my listening, my professionalism and my discretion.
For unforgettable exchanges and happenings it’s at «À L’Acestrale» you want to be!

Monique Poirier, TRA
Thérapeute en relation d’aide psychologique


Leslie Hopper

leslieA being passionate in balancing of all the aliments
Leslie receives you in a calming environment and designs for you a therapeutic massage with his dynamic, professional touch.

“My mission, with the help of diverse techniques in massage therapy, is to increase your capacities to bring you into contact with your muscular tentions and the memories within.
Through experimented manoeuvres and a healthy touch, I aim to encourage your development and encourage your well being and abandonment.”

Durring the corse of his life, Leslie has developed and transformed wich bring him to life!

  • Endurance through cross country running
  • Biological Farming
  • Creative art floral design, wood sculpting and visual arts.
  • Healthy balanced diet« ratio importance»

Graduate of the Centre Orchidée en formation professionnelle en massothérapie suédois and active member of the FQM (fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeute)

Leslie J. Hopper
Massothérapeute agréé



Nous sommes très fiers d’être impliqué dans notre région et d’être un hébergement officiel des évènements sportifs des cantons de l’Est.